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    Klumn von Vechtan

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    Klumn von Vechtan

    Post  Dungeon Master Orange on Mon Oct 01, 2012 4:43 am

    So. I figured this alternate-cassieverse needs a new party roster, so why don't I start? I guess?

    Name: Klumn von Vechtan
    Gender: Male
    Race: Gnome
    Age: 67 (29 in Human)
    Hair: Light Brown
    Eyes: Deep Blue
    Fish: Leviathan, the most majestic koi fish familiar

    Family: Klumn is the oldest of three brothers; though he likes to believe himself to be much more mature than Leopold (the youngest), the truth is that he is just as mischievous at heart (but doesn't get blamed for nearly as much). Klumn and his brothers were born and spent early childhood as forest gnomes, but grew up as city gnomes. The three brother's parent's passed away when they were young, leaving the three to fend for themselves in the big port city of Son Tanusia (though this city most likely doesn't exist in this new universe.) Klumn and Leopold would frequently get in to 'arguments', with Klemn acting as the referee in their fights. Deep down, the three brothers care deeply about each other and would always come to eachother's aid.

    Class: Klumn is a performer. A magician. A wizard. The last of a dying breed in this industrial era. He strives to experiment and tinker with all forms of magic, no matter the school or power source. His favorites spells, however, are illusions.

    Personality: Klumn is a quiet, modest gnome. "Good" would be a simple word to describe him. But as I have said before, underneath his gentle attitude is the desire to entertain and perform. As I have also stated previously, he is mischievous at heart, which sometimes leads him in to reckless, dare-devilish situations. He never puts himself in to a situation he knows will get others harmed, or in a situation he knows will go badly for him, though sometimes his definition of what would go badly for him is different than what others would think.

    Alignment: "Good". Ultimately, he does not want any dire harm to come to anyone. However, he sure isn't afraid to confuse, baffle, and traumatize someone with his illusions.

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