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    Vasani Shepard

    Post  Vasani on Sun Oct 13, 2013 3:19 pm

    Some of this info is the same from the Spirit Chaser's campaign, but updated.

    Name: Vasani Shepard
    Gender: Female
    Race: Half-Elf
    Age: 25 (20 at the beginning of the spirit chaser's campaign)
    Glidewing's Name: Jax

    Appearance: Red hair, absurdly bright green eyes, somewhat short with an athletic build from climbing everything she shouldn't. Covered in twisty, tribal-looking tattoos.

    Class: Roguish. Fights with a rapier and short sword with minor trickster magics.

    Personality:  Vasani is a joker. She's often sarcastic, brash and crude. She will make light of every situation, whether appropriate or not. She has a short attention span which often leads to her charging into things recklessly.

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. Vasani resides in a moral grey area, doing whatever strikes her as the appropriate action at the time, often with little forethought.

    General Background: Vasani is the only child of two Elven lumberjacks. She lives with her father on the Farmer's Terrace, but her mother died giving birth to her. She has lived in Red Terrace all of her life and has no small case wanderlust because of this. She joined the Red Talon Watch in hopes of using it as a stepping stone out of the tiny town.

    Things you would have learned in Tim's campaign:
    After obtaining the Spirit-Chaser's guide (which allowed everyone to multiclass), a power awoke within Vasani that gave her minor magical abilites, mostly trickster type of powers like teleporting and cantrips. A little further into the campaign the party would have learned that Vasani is half demon and her father is some sort of demon lord, something Vasani herself had no idea about. This is where her trickster powers came from.

    Fast Forward:
    In the years between the two campaigns, Vasani won her first pirate ship in a poker game, a ship she renamed 'The Python.' She sailed the seas and skies hunting for treasure and being a general nuisance to other pirates. She be became the leader of a merry little band of misfits and eventually took on the title of Pirate Queen, commanding a handful of ships.


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