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    Cameron del'Mar

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    Cameron del'Mar

    Post  Leopold von Vechtan on Sun Oct 13, 2013 6:36 pm

    Name: Cameron del'Mar
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 29 (24 at the start of the Spirit-Chaser's Strategy Guide Campaign)

    Appearance: Long black hair that is tightly braided in the back, pale blue eyes, darker skin, round face, and a distinct crooked nose inherited from his father. He stands at medium height, with a strong figure built up over the years being trained by his mentor, Jonathan "Panzer" Eagleroot.

    Class: Cameron, first and foremost is a priest. He taps in to the extremes of light and dark magic, healing allies and calling spirits to inhabit the bones of the past to aid him. Cameron is a brawler, trained in hand to hand combat; Strength is his greatest asset. When he fights, he typically does so with a strong sense of rhythm that he hums, improving his allies capabilities and helping the party fight as a united group. Cameron is, mechanically, built as a Cleric and Bard hybrid, to allow him to act as a support healer for the party. However, speed and dexterity are his greatest flaws. (Panzer's motto was it doesn't matter who gets the first blow, but the final one). Situations that call for acrobatics, a steady hand or a watchful eye are gonna be tough on him.

    Personality:  Cameron is kind, dutiful, and occasionally bashful. His strong sense for duty lets him take leadership amongst people he knows well should a situation call for it, but he prefers to stay in the background. Cameron is a bit of a romantic, also inherited by his parents, which gets him in to trouble from time to time; He is the person you would need to tell to "don't be a hero" in dire situations.

    Alignment: Neutral Good. Cameron does what he can to help out.

    General Background: Cameron grew up as nobility at an early age, as the son to the Duke of Son Tanusia. When Cameron was in his mid-teens, his father was driven out of the city and in to the outskirts of society, falsely accused of practicing necromancy. Years pass, and Cameron finds himself at the age of 19 when he and his mother were kidnapped by his older cousin, the Duke who had replaced Zieffar del'Mar. With the aid of brave adventuring party (consisting of Etheyl von Vechtan, Azazel Morgenstern, Kirika Reinheart and Susan Evensong), Zieffar exposes the corruption and evil plots of his nephew, and rescues Cameron and Ameilia; however, in the process he burns half the city to the ground. Though thanked for stopping the evil plots of the former Duke, the del'Mar family are exiled permanently from the city. Zieffar's old friend (and former guard captain of Son Tanusia) Panzer invites the family to live in his hometown of Red Terrace, where Cameron lives for 5 years till the start of the Spirit-Chaser's campaign.

    Things you would have learned in Tim's campaign:
    During the course of the campaign, Cameron is trained to become the Warden of Red Terrace, a guardian to the city and a life-long aid to the High Druid of Red Terrace, a position that Tabitha Oakenfleur becomes. As a Warden, he watches over the boundaries between the spirit and mortal realms, and protects the Grandfather Redwood, a gatekeeper to the afterlife and guardian against demons and malicious spirits.

    Fast Forward:
    In the years between these two campaigns, Cameron explores what is needed of him spiritually to maintain his position of Warden, as well as building up his physical strength, as guided by his mentor. Due to this position, he becomes a priest of the Raven Queen, an entity deeply tied to the lore of Red Terrace, finding power in magic that commands the living and dead spirits of the Untamed Forest.


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