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    Jacque Brisbois Marquis du Foix

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    Jacque Brisbois Marquis du Foix

    Post  Mia Ophelia DuCour on Sat Mar 28, 2015 1:19 am

    The story begins in the town of Foix, located in the deepest region of the French Pyrenees mountains. The Jacque a young Marquis has just been informed by his uncle that a wife has been acquired for him, Abigail the daughter of a German Viscount.
    Claude, Jacques uncle paces in the library, where Jacque is hiding looking through books pretending to be too busy to pay any attention to his uncle and the news of his imminent marriage. "She is German, and very beautiful" his uncle yells in to the library hoping his words will catch is nephews attention and pull him out of his hiding place " Abigail! Her family has many men, she will bare many sons..." Claude coughed, and Jacque peaked his head out from the farthest bookshelf "Are you well uncle?" Claude coughed again "Come Jacque, let me tell you more of Abigail" Jacque ran across the hallway in to another row of bookshelves. Claude coughed a third time but this time it did not stop "Uncle!!" exclaimed Jacque running towards Claude who was hunched over coughing viciously in to his handkerchief.

    Characters needed:
    Claude Brisbois
    Viscount Faust Eberhardt
    Abigail Eberhardt
    Cardinal Ardovini
    Michelanious OC's welcome! Very Happy

    This is going to end in tragedy

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