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    Tomb of Horrors Loot

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    Tomb of Horrors Loot

    Post  Azazel on Wed Jul 22, 2015 12:53 pm

    I'm putting a copy of the Tomb of Horrors loot here so it doesn't get buried in the other thread.

    Dungeon Master Orange wrote:Klumn and Viviana end up watching the sunset on Azazel's roof. The gnome unloaded the loot bag, and for a few hours he examined every piece of loot inside the dufflebag, identifying any unknown magic items.

    The loot dufflebag contains:

    Leather Bag - CLAIMED BY XHIERO:

    Spell Scroll of Speak with Animals
    Spell Scroll of Tenser's Floating Disk
    Spell Scroll of Hellish Rebuke
    Spell Scroll of Healing Word
    Spell Scroll of Bless
    Spell Scroll of Poison Spray
    Spell Scroll of Mage Hand

    A Treasure Map ("For the Lost Treasure of Phallus-ia")
    Twelve Potions:
    One Potion of Water Breathing
    One Potion of Stone Giant Strength Claimed by Azazel
    Two Potions of Resistance
    One Potion of Clairvoyance
    One Potion of Greater HealingClaimed by Susan
    One Potion of SpeedClaimed by Susan
    Three Potions of Healing (2/3 remain) Claimed by: Sophia(1)
    One Oil of Slipperiness Claimed by Klumn
    One Philter of Love Claimed by Klumn
    Six Spell Scrolls:
    Spell Scroll of Vicious Mockery
    Spell Scroll of Comprehend LanguagesClaimed by Susan
    Spell Scroll of Divine Favor (Arawai)
    Spell Scroll of Major ImageClaimed by Susan
    Spell Scroll of Heroism Claimed by Sophia
    Spell Scroll of Thunderous Smite

    1x Defender Liuyedao (Scimitar Stats) Claimed by Sophia
    1x Frostbrand Scimitar (Cursed) Claimed by Viviana
    1x Dwarven Thrower's Wakazashi (Short Sword Stats) (Cursed) Claimed by Val
    1x Backbiter Yari (Spear Stats) (Super Cursed)
    1x Ring of Warmth Claimed by Val
    1x Immovable Rod Claimed by Susan
    1x Quiver of Ehlonna Claimed by Viviana
    1x Luck Stone Claimed by Val
    1x Prayer Bead Necklace Claimed by Azazel
    1x Staff of Thunder & Lightning (Which Klumn promptly magically gift wraps and gives to Viviana)

    1x Massive Peridot (worth 10,000g) Claimed by Susan
    1x Massive Emerald (worth 50,000g) Claimed by Val
    1x Massive Black Opal (worth 100,000g) Claimed by Azazel

    12,000 G.P. in gems for Each Party Member (Not counting the above gems, as they are too large and too valuable on their own to add in to a gold count)

    And one Solid Gold Couch. EATEN BY HELL HOUSE

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    Re: Tomb of Horrors Loot

    Post  Dungeon Master Orange on Wed Jul 22, 2015 6:36 pm


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