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    Rennyr Viceroy

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    Name: Rennyr Viceroy

    Race: Pixie

    Age: 20

    Alignment: Neutral

    Standing at one inch tall Rennyr is the very image of miniature intimidation. She has long black hair with purple streaks, eye color unknown due to giant sunglasses (hushed rumors claim that they may be pink or some other ridiculously girly color), and pointed teeth (whether they are natural or self sharpened is unknown). She is covered in various tattoos due to her... career... path.

    Some sort of fancy element wizard or something


    Renyrr was the offspring of two pixies well known for their healing abilities and general gentleness and all of that boring stuff. Reynnr's interests always veered more towards channeling the elements, enjoying the high she got when she teetered on the edge of being overwhelmed by their power, but she loved her parent's dedication to helping others.

    Sadly, they were both killed while on one of their missions to help others. This soured Rennyr on the concept of healing and she vowed never to put herself in the position that led to the deaths of her parents. Instead she allowed herself to focus more on chaos and destruction until she found herself leader of a gang of Yakuza. Hooray.

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