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    Ashley Garlyn

    Ashley Garlyn
    Ashley Garlyn

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    Post  Ashley Garlyn Thu Oct 24, 2013 3:07 pm

    Name : Ashley Garlyn
    Nickname: Ash
    Age : Near around 25ish
    Gender : Male
    Race : Half-elf
    Class: Druid
    Animal Minion : A fluffy black cat with random tips dyed all spectrum of the rainbow.  His name is Magnus.

    Height: 6'0
    Weight: 145lbs
    Eye color: Azure blue
    Hair color/style : Black hair that flops haphazardly around his face.  When wet, falls around his chin.  
    Build: As a half-elf he is slender, but not as lithe as his blood

    Personality: Ashley is a mostly serious individual.  He doesn't particularly enjoy the company of others, often labeled a loner.  He is very direct; missing the punch line of jokes - and making things somewhat awkward.  He enjoys the finer things in his life, like silence, soft fabrics, a good book to read, and snacking.  He loves to munch.  His favorite foods are anything sweet or salty.  Though he is very stubborn, he can usually be bribed with a tasty treat.  But that won't mean he won't complain about things.  
    He loves animals.  Do not attempt to talk to Ashley if there's a new animal around, otherwise you might find his gaze wandering and heaven forbid, you look away - he will mostly certainly vanish, only to reappear by an animal's side, contentedly petting it with a rare smile.  His favorite things to do are to pet animals ears and gently squish their paws.  
    He is very sarcastic and cynical due to his moody behavior.  
    He hates to be surprised.  
    Though he has a cool and calm exterior - he will occasionally explode into violent outbursts, ranting and raving about the injustice or insanity.  Though this rarely happens, it will surely happen more often ...

    Background - Ashley is the product of a liaison between a female elf and a male human.  Though a lovely affair, once the female elf became bored she ended the relationship, but not soon enough for her.  An irresponsible female, she dropped the infant off at the human's house and returned to her life - never to be seen or heard from again.
    Ashley's father, Fyn raised him the best he could.  A simple man, a farmer with plenty of animals that Ashley socialized with.  Too elfin to fit in with human children, and too human to be accepted by his elvish relatives - one would think that the child would be depressed, but Ashley didn't seem to mind.  He was too busy creating fantastic stories and playing games with the local woodland creatures.  
    Fyn's favorite story to tell is when the boy attempted to teach the baby birds how to fly by jumping out of the tallest tree.  Fyn hollered and ran, barely catching the boy before he snapped both his legs off.  
    To this day, Ashley still proclaims he knew what he was doing.

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